Welcome To iExtras

This is the best Jailbreak app store for non jailbroken devices. iOS 10 to higher versions are compatible to install IExtras.

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iExtras compatible with all the iOS versions and device models.


You can get hundreds of Jailbreak features from the iExtras.

App Store

iExtras is a App store. You can download and install many apps from this.

Installation Guide

iExtras installation is very easy process to complete.

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Anzhuang is the way to install jailbreak apps to the non jailbroken devices. It uses developer code extraction method to install apps.


Cydia is the default app manager for the jailbroken devices. You can install non-rooted Cydia app using iExtras app store. It provides basic features.


FilzaJailed is a full root access iOS file manager. Device customization, file sharing, explorer files and more features are available with this. FilzaJailed is not a jailbreak tool or no need to complete jailbreak to use this file manager.


DreamStore is a iOS launchers collection for all the latest iOS versions. Users can use DreamStore as a alternative for the dreamboard.


Sylorix helps to install upcoming iOS versions for every users without having Apple developer account. All the Appleā€™s major iOS releases can grab with the Sylorix.

Tweak Box

Tweak Box is a popular third party app store for jailbroken as well as non jailbroken devices. Install it using iExtras app store.

iPhone xWallpapers

iPhone xWallpapers is a high quality wallpaper collection for iPhones. It is a free app and you can get awesome homescreen look using this app.


Hopy is the ultimate game collection for non jailbroken devices. No need to purchases any games from Apple app store. No need to download or install play games.


YIV is the biggest third party game collection and you can play hundreds of unique games without downloading or installing.


Googios is the theme collection for the iOS devices. Themes can use for Google search apps. It can better Google search experience for iOS users with this.